Fair Trade Corner

We sell Fair Trade products from various/different parts of the world up on the loft. Here you´ll find pottery, baskets, jewelery and other gift items from countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We also sell organic and Fair Trade tea, cocoa, chocolate and other candy/sweets from these countries. By buying Fair Trade and/or organic product we can help each other to make this planet a better and cleaner place to live on.

Fair Trade means that the products are made in ways friendly to nature (a lot of product use recycled material for example) and where the workers have good working conditions, working hours and are reasonably paid. That´s why it´s called `Fair Trade”!

The coffee and tea we serve are organic and Fair Trade and for the home made buns and cookies we use organic ingredients as much as we can.

But since we also favour nearby produced food, preferably organic we favour it to long travelled food. That helps to reduce climate changes.

You can shop when we have agreed upon.